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There are possibly hundreds of KOU KOU artists out there. We link to sites for a few artists here, starting with us who have identified ourselves with the KOU KOU movement. Artists who are aligned with the philosophy of Art KOU KOU are invited to communicate with us about the possibility of being linked to from this web site.

boy-handup-nogales.jpg - 256243 BytesMelody Winnig Inheriting her father's perpetual wanderlust, Melody has been constantly drawn to other cultures, to the vibrant beauty of life on the street. Even before overcoming jet-lag she has to hit the dusty markets in a new village, exploring the tastes, smells, sounds, views, taking in all the multi-sensory delights. Snapping photos as unobtrusively as she can.
She transforms her photos into Art KOU KOU through painting on them, collaring, use of xerography and digital image manipulation.

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Bobby Faust Bobby is a performance and graphic artist living in Brooklyn, NYC. In addition to creating Art KOU KOU, he also has an active acting career which has included roles in a number of independent movies, many Off Broadway plays and several Rock videos. Coming of age in the 1960's Bobby has endeavored never to lose the inspiration of the Civil Rights and Anti War Movement that so affected and impacted his teenage and early adulthood years. His art and life has grown out of a soil composed of exposure to, and participation with, political activists and activism, the "hip," the literate, the spiritual seeking Pantheon -- indeed the main social fomenters of the alternative culture.

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Vince Giuliano Vince's art career goes back to the late 60s, when he created film and photograph multi-media presentations shown in the US and Canada. He has been creating digital Art KOU KOU now for over a dozen years. Several of his on-line galleries exhibit his art in dynamic multi-media formats, and Vince also creates DVDs which dynamically combine his art and original music.

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Victor Jacobian Victor is an information-processing professional who has been making Art KOU KOU for some 10 years now, creating most of his early art by fractal and other computer-processing of images downloaded from Internet Porno and Soft-Porn sites. His web site is a journey into the erotic side of Art KOU KOU.

Time~is~in.jpg - 52508 BytesLoren Lasher Loren's Art KOU KOU themes include chicks, bike scenes, more chicks, and lots of eye candy. Part of the Orlando scene, Loren has been generating KOU KOUworks for a number of years now.

Knots.jpg - 80013 BytesDavid Camp is an accomplished 3-d artist. His surreal images are rendered from beautifully executed 3-d models and are evocative of mythology and whispers from the collective unconscious. He says "My focus is consciousness and the way digital art on a monitor helps evoke feelings or memories of other places, or inner places, or other planes." This focus shows in his rich works. His site is well worth a visit. And while there, travel through Dante's World.

TheGuardianCDor2003.jpg - 24380 BytesCaplyn Dor produces haunting surrealist images and consciously incorporates fractal dimensions in her work. Although highly accomplished in traditional painting media, she now works exclusively using 3-d technology. She identifies herself with the Massurrealist movement, one closely akin to Art KOU KOU in philosophy. She has said "The connection of the mysteries of Science combined with the subconscious nature of Surrealism is rooted deeply within each painting that I create. The subconscious holds keys to many doors."

jesus and the storefronts.jpg - 362530 BytesAvin Baird is a Boston-area artist. "Really my work is only a reflection of how I view life… it always was and always will be there… whether I sell pieces or not. It is how I relate to the world. Life is kinda one big multi media event.”

revelatorygeneticfallegacy.jpgBelle Twigg (Yapha Netzer) is known as a tradigital artist. Belle's Post Conceptual and UnGraven work uses symbols-strokes to refract reality. She creates abstract narratives, holonic images, and patterned visual fields. Weaving hidden messages and sacred text; merging light with geometric thought forms, her work seeks to express unconscious content and the Divine as she sees it expressed in the world. Her website explores Consciousness and the mystical state.

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