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ART KOU KOU Playground

By Vince Giuliano

This gallery is a do-it-yourself art playground. Make your own abstract works of art here, starting with ones I have already created. The essence of ART KOU KOU is play, and I hope this gallery gives you a little feeling of what fun it is to create a KOU KOU work of art.

Please see Important tips for the browser settings necessary to get this gallery to function. When you are ready to go on to the next image, simply click the back button on your browser untill this screen comes on again.

All you have to do is put your computer cursor where you want on the image, hold the left button down and drag in any direction to stretch the image from that point. You can do this several times on one image, including twists and turns, until you get an image you like.

You can apply only one kind of mathematical image transformation here - stretching. But as you can see stretching is very powerful when it comes to making abstract art.

Too simple for the final product to really be art? Should not an artist have to take weeks, months or years to complete an inspired work? In fact, no. That's what they said about writing when ink-on-papyrus technology was replacing stone tablet carving. Judge by the product you make, not by how much effort you didn't have to put in. You achieved your result by applying mathematical transformations to the original image (with the computer's help of course), not by putting each piece of color on each specific location of the image as is done in conventional painting or drawing.

The collection in this gallery includes some of my more-interesting abstract ART KOU KOU works. In creating these pieces, I typically used several other mathematically-based image transformations in addition to stretching. Other transformations I work with include symmetries (kaeidosopic reflections), nonlinear fractal transformations of many kinds, hue transformations, alterations in scale, other forms of stretching, folding and twisting, and superpositions of image elements.

HINTS: You can blow up any part of the image you particularly like by dragging its edges out. Try swirling, dragging from the corners, what have you. Fine details can produce interesting textures. You can get surprising results. Have fun!

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