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Melody Winnig
KOU KOU Artist


me-grandma'sseatsmall.jpg - 59138 BytesBoth as a writer and as an artist, I feel what I can do is bear witness to the beauty, joy, kindness, tragedy and compassion that surround me. I've had the good fortune to have traveled and worked in many countries, from Afghanistan and Iran to Egypt, Venezuela and Brasil. People often quickly enter my heartÖ and I feel I become a bridge between my world and theirs. For years, I have captured this in writing. More recently Iíve once again started capturing these worlds in photographs.

melody1973basketsmall.jpg - 70920 BytesBack home, I paint on my photographs with water colors, collage them, digitally enlarge them, paint on them again. And when I paint, something takes over. Maybe itís the fluid, vivid intensity of the water colors. Maybe itís the people and places that still linger in the vibrations of the original photographs and in my heart. Since Sept.11, 2001, my paintings also come from whatís close to home, as I continue to bear witness to the courage, grief and joy of the people and scenes that surround me.

beachPhil3small.jpg - 56107 BytesI've worked with multi-media and photography for a number of years, and as a screenwriter and script consultant. I've taught word processing to veiled Islamic women in Egypt, shipped goods from Afghanistan for an importer, sewed the bindings on clogs at a sweatshop shoe factory along the Hudson and worked as a waitress in between. Traveling whenever I could. Everywhere seeking out the people, the colors and the story. Currently by day, I work as an Internet consultant for Latin American publishers. By night, I study African & Brazilian dance and I paint.

I have a B.A. in French from the University of Wisconsin and a Masters in Communication from the State University of New York.

Selected recent exhibitions include:

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My art can be found in a number of on-line galleries.

EUROPA - new Gallery December 2004

Melody's Art KOU KOU Gallery



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